The Lesson 11 Path Namer

Dear Beloved Readers of Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One,

Let me tell you how psyched I am you’re reading my book. There’s nothing that makes an author happier than knowing that his or her efforts are being appreciated rather than, say, ignored.

I want you to know that we’ve discovered two problems with the sample files included on the DVD. (My apologies, of course, but I’d be lying if I claimed to be surprised. Complex version 1.0 projects tend to exhibit occasional bugs.)

  • One is the corrupt Ancient doorway.psd file in the Lesson 07 folder. You can’t even open the damn thing, but you can replace it with a functioning file by right-clicking here and choosing Save or Download. (See Colleen’s on-the-spot post for more info.)
  • The second is the collection of six files in the Lesson 11 file. They open splendidly, as witnessed by the lovely example below. But for unknown reasons, none of the paths in the Paths palette have names.

For the solution, keep reading.

What I love about this problem is that we have an extra-special fun solution that shows off Photoshop’s ability to process JavaScript:

Step 1: Download the file called by right-clicking this link here or the image below and choosing Save or Download or the equivalent.

Step 2: Unzip the file to produce a jsx doc, like the one below. It may have the same icon, but it’s a JavaScript file.

Step 3: Move both the PsCS4_CM_L11_fixer.jsx file and the Lesson Files-PsCM 1on1 folder (that you copied from the DVD included with the book) to your computer’s desktop. This is very important. Both script and folder must be copied to your hard drive and ready and waiting on the desktop.

Step 4: Double-click the PsCS4_CM_L11_fixer.jsx file. If things go according to my tests, the script will run, launch Photoshop, open each of the six troubled files, automatically name the paths as they are named in the book, and save the changes to a new folder called Lesson 11 Fixed.

Step 5: Carry on with your life with your usual vim and vigor.

My thanks goes to Jeff Tranberry, Adobe engineer and awesome all-around human being, for writing this script. Here’s a man who knows how to help a guy who’s trying to help you learn.

Oh, and let me know of your successes and difficulties.

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  • repair file

    I am getting “Page not found” or path to file not found. This is at 10pm Tues. evening.

    Will try again tomorrow. It’s not a big issue right now.

  • Yep I neglected to check my link

    See what happens when you think you got it all figured out?

    Should be better now.

  • Cool solution!

    The script ran flawlessly on my Vista 32-bit system. I have the new fixed folder.

    It’s a real kick to watch it run. Thanks for an easy and fun fix.

  • Link to Functional Ancient doorway.psd file

    Instead of “right-clicking” on the link, I believe you likely meant “left-click” on the link.


  • Problem Installing Channels & Masks Palette

    When I tried to install the Channels & Masks Palette Extension (CS4 One-On-One Channels & Masks), the Adobe Extension Manager gave me the following message: “You do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission.” How do I fix this?


  • Hi Jeanne

    a left-click won’t work in the rare case that the .zip extension isn’t registered on the user’s machine, so right-clicking and choosing “download” is sort of a fail-safe option here. As for your problem with the C&M palette, if you are on Vista you can try to launch the Extension Manager manually with administrator rights. Go to your CS4 Startmenu folder, right-click the Adobe Extension Manager CS4 and choose “run as administrator”. You should now be able to install the .mxp file from there.

    Hope that helps


  • C & M add ons

    I already own and have installed Photoshop One on One for CS4.  I just received my copy of Channels and Masks today.  I am assuming that Dekekeys, Workflow, and colors prefs are the same and all I have to install are the lessons, fixes, and the palette. 
    Is this assumption going to bite me in the ...?
    ( I E-checked out C and M via my library through Safari and liked it so much I bought it.  Same for a couple other books. I REALLY like this way of doing business.  huzzah for Safari- and econnected libraries )


  • Right or left click?

    If the left click doesn’t bring up an option box to save the file, then right click the link and choose “save target as..”

    Either-or for most computer configurations but some may be constrained to the right click to get it.

  • Hi Deke Need Help.

    Sorry for posting this here but didn’t know where to post it,, i really enjoy your tutorials on but i have this small problem i just got my monitor calibrated with the spyder 3 pro and when i PP my photos in CS4 they look great but the problem is this, when i post a image on line in a forum even after i convert to sRGB they don’t see the colors i do on my screen because not everybody has a calibrated monitor, i just didn’t see a tutorial on this and was wondering if you can help me out, thanks Christos Sparta Greece;)

  • That’s good news about Safari

    Safari isn’t particularly popular among authors b/c we rarely see anything meaningful in the way of royalties. So your experience of ultimately transforming a Safari view into a book purchase is encouraging.

    Insofar as dekeKeys and Best Workflow are concerned: Best Workflow is identical across all my training products, so no need to load the color settings more than once. dekeKeys might be slightly adjusted for C&M (forgive me, I sometimes forget these things). My advice, wait and see if some keystroke listed in the book doesn’t work, and then worry about reinstalling dekeKeys.

    Yes, definitely install lesson files, fixes (urk!), and the palette.

  • Script not running - Mac OS X 10.4.11

    Both Lesson files-PsCM1on1 and PsCS4_CM_L11_fixer.jsx are on desktop.  Double click fixer and ExtendScript Toolkit opens ... and that’s it, nothing happens.  Photoshop no open.  I click Run and it says “Cannot Connect to Target Photoshop”.  Tried having PS open - still no workie.

    Dang.  Any suggestions. 

    Love the book.


  • sRGB is your best option

    Two big problems with calibration on the Web: Very few people’s monitor are calibrated (although newer screens, especially those with laptops, are characterized quite well) and most browser’s ignore embedded profiles. So color variations from screen to screen are par for the course.

    Your best option is to adjust the image in a calibrated environment and then export it using the Save for Web & Devices command, which by default converts the image over to sRGB and includes no profile, which is what you want.

    I document this in my Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals video series. See Chapter 12, “Saving Images for the Web.”

    And, as always, keep in mind the Golden Rule of Color: You’re the only one with any preconception of what the colors ought to look like; no one else cares.

  • I hate Vista permissions

    Thankfully, a few helpful members have come up with solutions. Click here to go to one from crisderaud.

  • Thanks Deke.

    I am watching that now, but when i go to saving images for web and save, should i also go to edit assign profile like you did? thanks for your help;)

  • No, not necessary

    That was just for demonstrational purposes. Just wanted you to see why the final Web image looks super saturated when you open it in Photoshop.

  • Inside Photoshop

    Choose File > Scripts > Browse. Then select the .jsx file on your Desktop and click Load. That should force a connection between Photoshop and the script.

    (Then again, it should have run fine from inside ExtendScript Toolkit. But alas, sometimes you have to give these things a little kick in the rumpus.)

  • Safari

    Hey Deke, dunno about how safari does bussiness but they do show clearly they know what there’s talking about… - @ under ‘Work Smarter’ there’s your picture! :D

  • ah yes

    Thank you very much

  • Problems with the fix

    Since the desktop in swedish is called “Skrivbord” the script didn’t work until I replaced desktop with skrivbord in the script.

    Worked fine after that.

  • Thanks Again.

    But just 2 more question and I’ll leave you alone, in CS4 the tab up above where it says arrange documents, when i click on there i can read the writing below but the icon boxes are blank and when i put my mouse arrow over them then it will still be blank but it will say 2 up 4 up and so forth, is there a setting that turns those things on? also when i click on the rotate view tool i get this message that says (could not complete your request because of a program error) Deke sorry for the questions but thanks i appreciate it;)

  • Who is the model in the

    Who is the model in the picture? Wow…

  • The photographer is Aleksandra Alexis

    Who I believe lives in Serbia. The model is one of her regulars, tho I couldn’t tell you her name.

    Probably Grubana. Or Dragoslava.

  • Fixed Problem.

    Well the arrange documents shows the icons now after reinstalling CS4 Extended, but the problem with the rotate tool has to do with the GPU settings in file preference and performance as mine is off due to my computer not supporting the video driver and card, so now i bought a new computer, thanks anyway;)

  • Running Adobe Extension Manager CS4 as adminsitrator does it

    Thanks very much.

    Dan Dill

  • Lesson 11 Java Fixer

    I did as instructed and while the script opens PS CS4 it does not open any of the files. An empty folder is created on the desktop named “Lesson 11 fixed”, but it’s empty.  Note; the folder with Lesson 11 files is located on another drive.
    The operating system is Vista x64.
    Any suggestions?



    Your script also ran just fine on my Vista 32-bit system.

    Suggestions, if you want:

    1. For a few files I got the dialog in Photoshop CS4 Extended asking if I wanted to used the imbedded profile (I said yes about 3 times, for three files. I use ProPhoto myself.). Suggest you could deal with that, or tell folks to just say “Yes” if asked the profile question.

    2. To clean up nicely, close Photoshop when done. (Not a big deal, really.)

    Thanks for a quick solution. It really only took a few minutes, including reading the instructions. You’re right, the jsx file and the entire lesson folder have to be on the desktop to work. (I thought to shortcut and just put the Lesson 11 folder on the desktop - no luck there.)


  • Links for Ch. 7 file and Ch. 11 fix?

    I’m having trouble finding the links to the files on this page. Right-clicking where it says “here” gives no link for download, and clicking the image doesn’t do a thing.

    Using Firefox 3.5.3 on Vist 64, but IE 8 gives the same results. Even looked at the page source, didn’t find the links.


  • should work now.

    We’ve been dealing with some comment spam. This required some changes to the code. We’ve been systematically re-publishing content.


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