To Whet Your Appetite

A few of you have registered displeasure over the recent dearth of dekePods. I’ve told you how we got waylaid by some of our for-profit materials (which you should purchase if you want the free nonsense to continue grin. And Colleen invented Martini Hour to keep you amused in the meanwhile.

But dekePod is coming back and, I might add, in a unique way. Here’s a frame.

It’s like some kind of crazy dekePod vs. Martini Hour mashup. (Don’t you just love my obsessive hyperlinking?) Who will win?

That’s all you get for now. But mark March 11 on your calendars. “Quick. Do it for me, dear.” (That’ll make slightly more sense later.)

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  • You guys look wayyy too cool.

    Great shot. :-D

    I’m going to use my powers of deduction and deduce that March 11 is Deke’s birthday.

    How did I deduce this, you may ask? Elementary, dear dekePeeps: A while back, Deke mentioned that he wouldn’t be attending Photoshop World in Boston this year, and mentioned that his birthday is around that time. Ergo, his b’day must be March 11th, making him a Pisces. Which may well be why he’s so yummy.


    Or…it’ll be the return of dekePod! With a Droplet Song! Just in time for Deke’s birthday! Yay!!! :-D

  • Good heavens

    Colleen tricked out like Trinity from The Matrix.  Be still my heart…

  • \“Free\” Unbridled Deke

    I really appreciate that the “for profit” fare is worth the fare.

    And I happily buy Deke’s books and definitely prefer his vids over anybody else’s @ lynda.

    So what’s great about the dekePods isn’t that they are free, it’s Deke—-  brilliant and unrestrained that makes me miss them so. I love to watch them in Front Row and they’re so dazzling i have to re-watch a few times to remember the lesson in them.

    This also leads to observations like, it seems that Sammy has Deke’s eye color. I look forward to any new ones so I can stop doing that; before I start over-analyzing & find the deeper meaning behind the Dada imagery.

  • Thank God Deke didn’t follow suit…

    ...with Neo outfit. That’d just be creepy, man.

    Hey Deke, never got to ask, how did you “almost kill Mordy Golding” anyway? I’ve been almost dying to find out.

    Was it a case of “there is no spoon” taken too seriously?


    Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

  • Quick off-topic question - Vista and PS CS2 - 4

    Oldish file, created in PS CS2 or 3 with WinXP. Felt like playing with it tonight, so opened it on my newer pc that has Vista, PS CS2 and the CS4 upgrade (which I now use exclusively, natch). All good so far.

    Tried to save it after a couple of adjustments, and no can do. Annoying pop up appears telling me that the file is locked and that I have to go to properties to unlock it. Easy for them to say. I go to Windows Explorer, locate the file, browse the various tabs in the properties dialogue box and see nothing particularly obvious. I suppose I could go read a book about it, or study for a couple of years at university just to find out how to unlock the damned thing - but I don’wanna. It’s all far too uninteresting and annoying. I’d rather be reading Channels & Masks 1 on 1, like any other sane person would.

    Soooo, I was kinda hoping someone here who already knows this buggy bugme bugthing might be so kind as to give me a free clue.

    Cheers! grin

  • Unlocker

    Hello Petra,

    Someone made a wonderful, free program that unlocks files for you. It is called Unlocker and you can get it here:

    After installing the program you right click on the file and in the right click menu there will be a new kind of magic wand that does work magic unlike Adobe’s.

    I use it primarily for deleting files that are still attached to a program so won’t delete but in your case it may unlock it so you can edit and save it.

    Try moving or copying the file into Bridge CS4 to make sure you don’t lose the file by accidental deletion and that may change it’s properties also.

  • Drinks all around…

    You look fine , but Colleen looks a little stiff and I think perhaps she could use your drink. smile

  • Hey

    ya didn’t think I was gonna drop that one, did ya?

  • Thanks, crisderaud

    I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but I’ll hopefully get some time later today. Those Vista ‘security’ features are annoying and ridiculous, eh.


  • Where are you getting this from?

    My video? Cuz I woulda sworn I explained it there.

    But whatever. It went something like this:

    Mordy and I are talking, and I says (outta the blue, you know, real casual-like) that I prefer locus entrails to Hamantashen. Suddenly, he whips out a shiv and we starts a-fightin’. It’s all Sharks and Jets until he gets me in a head lock and I have to use kung fu. He only knows feng shui so that serves me well for a while. Then suddenly, Mordy whips out his bag o’ Jedi “mind tricks” and makes me confess to loving ‘droids (which I don’t). So I has to get all Matrix on him.

    Which is when Mordy, technically, actually died. And I killed him, for which I apologize.

    I’m not sure why he continues to pretend to be “with” us. But bear in mind, he’s real savvy with the “mind tricks.” He told me he’d get all powerfu’ an’ shi’ if I killed him, and for all I know, he mighta been right.

  • Where do \“I\” get this stuff???

    I should ask you the same. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious!

    BTW, it’s Illustrator CS3 series - which I’m still going through, so I’m yet get to the part where you might talk more about it.

    That was a great post!


  • The ‘Passing’

    If I remember rightly I think it got explained right at the end of the course, so it’s probably still to come! Great course by the way, taught only as Deke can!

  • Martini hour

    Dear Deek

    Just want to let you know that while the concept of Martini Hour is pretty good, it was very boring to listen to.  I really respect your knoweldge of PS, but to hear your sidekick keep cutting you off by asking question after question and making obvious comments really detracted.


    If you want to do something like this, it needs to have better structure.  I couldn’t even finish listening to number two as I am too busy.  Too much time is spent gigling.

    You have a lot of good info to depart on us mere mortals, please use our time and your time better.



  • C’mon! Colleen does a Great Job!

    Dear Daal

    FWIW, your criticism seems a little harsh considering the entertainment purpose of this breaking-new-ground podcast. Deke and Colleen both put in massive hours providing the great training (Colleen is the heroic behind-the-scenes editor of the books) you alluded to and we both appreciate. I have no interest in flattering them, it’s just credit they are both due. Much more of that video training will be up soon at

    Martini Hour is a more laid-back discussion of all things graphical. As someone who teaches this stuff 32 hours a week (and puts in way more hours outside those class hours between prep, grading, counseling, etc.,,, God help me get past this quarter!), I find this podcast a refreshing change from a heavy work week… hey, I even smile sometimes! And I’m sure future episodes will improve as is true in all Deke has done.

    I am tempted to hassle (ummm, “encourage”) Deke to spend more time on “serious” projects like the new Illustrator book or a new Fireworks project :•), however I think its better to sit back and enjoy Deke and Colleen being themselves, gather the insights as they come and trust Deke knows what the heck he is doing.

    This is just another observation from a DekeCommunity member and I do wish you all success in your endeavors.



    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

    p.s. The teacher in me suggests you meant “impart to” rather than “depart on”

    p.s. p.s. On after thought, I wonder if Deke posted this… it wouldn’t surprise me grin

  • You suggesting I drink alone?

    Thanks for your comments. Taken under advisement. (But I’m proud to have Colleen.)

    BTW, the name’s Deke, Dayle.


  • May the sun shine on your face

    The wind be at your back

    And may you never drink alone, Deck.

    Cin Cin!

  • And…

    Don’t sweat the petty things,

    and don’t pet the sweaty things.


    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • Missing the point, rather

    Martini Hour is a time to unwind, like the title says.  This going out with friends for drinks and having a discussion about Photoshop and whatever else crosses our minds.  Everyone has a pleasant buzz on and is relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Some discussions are more heated, depending on the individuals passion for the topic; sometimes people interrupt trying to make a point or ask “what about…” And there’s always someone chiming in asking to repeat “that last bit” because they were busy flirting with their fellow patrons and/or wait-staff of their particular preference and maybe had a little too much and by this time nobody can quite remember what the “last bit” really was anyway, so we move on to another topic altogether (although this one might come back at any time when someone goes “Oh wait, I remember what we were talking about”)

    In short it is just a group of friends getting together, represented by Colleen and Deke with the rest of us are only there in spirit enjoying each other’s company.  Any learning is strictly incidental and not necessarily the main topic.  If you are looking strictly for learning stick with the books, the DVD’s and training.  And for god’s sake stay away from dekePod, as those will no doubt send you right over the edge.

  • uh-oh

    “And there’s always someone chiming in asking to repeat “that last bit” because they were busy flirting with their fellow patrons and/or wait-staff of their particular preference and maybe had a little too much”

    That’s me busted. :-o

  • Don’t pet the sweaty things

    Did you make that up? That should be our new tagline. It’s just plain good advice, I’m thinkin’.

  • Sadly, ....

    Sadly, it didn’t originate with me. Not sure where I first heard it. My short-term memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

    Also, my short-term memory’s not as sharp as it used to be.  grin

    I may be schizophrenic,

    but at least I have each other.

    I have kleptomania,

    but when it gets bad,

    I take something for it.



    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin


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