Picked up a Couple of Awards

Imagine my delight when I got these puppies in the mail. The ostentatious one on the right is a Hermes Creative Award, the streamlined one on the left (coldly rejecting Hermes) is a Telly. They’re both for my video series Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images, which has picked up a total of four industry awards for my publisher, lynda.com. Look, even Bugs is excited.

Nifty awards

Best of all, they’re really heavy so I can bludgeon intruders with them.

Anyway, sorry to brag, but I’m happy. That’s all.

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  • I’d like to thank the academy…

    Congrats Deke!

    Mordy Golding


  • Ditto

    Yeah congrats Deke, they’re thoroughly deserved!
    Sharpening Images is a fantastic series, very detailed and accurate!
    Like I said before though, the crowning jewel is your Channels and Masks series for Photoshop CS3 (both parts), the info on display there literally blew me away. Hopefully you got rewarded for that one too!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats! You deserve them :)

    Congrats! You deserve them smile

  • Don’t be sorry…

    ...its your blog, its your prize!!

    And like the others said, you worked hard for it and you deserve it.



  • Congratulations to You and Team Deke

    Seems fitting that you received this during the Olympics grin

    Congratulations to you and Your Team.


    Thomas Benner

    Austin, Texas


  • Ever heard?

    “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang?

    Tonight was smoking a cigar in my backyard (for real) and this tune popped up.

    So much imaging goodness. From “raw” to “mask.”

    And that classic photographer’s lament: “A fool to worship just light.”

    Played it about 17 times as I killed my lungs.

    Maudlin mood. Then read these. Lucky to have the support.

    Means more than empty heavy pieces of very shiny composite.

    Imagine that. Human at-a-boys over trophies.

    Thx for the love.

    PS: You’re going to like next week’s dekePod. No it’s not a set up. Ever-so-vaguely related, that’s all. When you watch it, you’ll be like, “How’s that related?” But it is.

  • World Class Act


    You’re world class act in the Photoshop and Training worlds.

    On a slightly different note, what happened to the blog post that was here: http://www.deke.com/content/your-next-gen-conference

    I was looking forward to your comments and thoughts.


    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop


  • How to contact Deke?

    I know this is off topic, but I am new here and am looking for Deke’s email address. I don’t see it anywhere on the site. Anyone know how to cantact him?

  • More then 3 GB->->->Urban Myth

    Hi Deke can you call that guy over at Adobe and have him unlock the three gig limit.

    Tell him I will mow his lawn and cut some shapes into his hedge stuff.

    I just got me a MacPro with many (mooey) gigs-0-ram and Photoshop doesn’t care. I tried holding down keys and parting my hair on the other side. Then it dawned on me to just ask you.

    My hair looks really good parted on this side by the way.

  • dispatch@deke.com

    Is the best, because I have it set up to evade my spam filters.

    That said, I’m not super reliable in the returning email dept. Just too much on my plate and I’m fairly inundated by day-to-day BS. So just know if I don’t respond, it’s nothing personal, just me being insanely busy.

  • A thin ice

    A thin ice
    Covers my soul
    My body’s frozen and my heart is cold
    And still
    So much about me is raw
    I search for a place to unthaw
    Something in me
    Broods love into fear
    It veils my vision leaves my thoughts
    My eyes
    From blue turn to grey
    Hoping to mask what they say
    I’ve been outside myself for so long
    Every feeling I had is close to gone
    I’ve been outside myself for so long
    I have been
    In a storm of the sun
    Basking, senseless to what I’ve become
    A fool to worship just light
    When after all, it follows night
    I’ve been outside myself for so long
    Every feeling I had is close to gone
    I’ve been outside myself for so long
    I’ve been outside myself for so long
    Every feeling I had is close to gone

    I’ve been outside myself for so long

  • Self-imposed censorship

    In retrospect, it seemed bad form to follow a posting on Photoshop World with one on what we could do to change the industry.

    Just one of those, hmm, “I wonder what?” posts.

    Figured we’d hold it until after the Vegas event. Which I urge everyone to attend—if only to say hi.

  • OK, glad to hear it was

    OK, glad to hear it was self-imposed. You do like to shake things up. I feared you’d found a horse head in your bed.


    Head Camp Counselor
    Camp Photoshop


  • Congratulations From Uruguay

    Hey congratulations on your awards
    I´m one of the people from the “world” who´s putting some green in your map, as you mentioned in the dekeStuff page,
    Anytime you´d like to reach the spanish audience with your fine training, let me know.

    It would be my honour to work with you

    Alvaro Calandra

  • Recommendation Needed on Photoshop Elements Book/Training

    I need a recommendation for a training book for the new Mac Photoshop Elements. I’ve got Deke’s older Elements 1-on-1 book but need a book on the current version (too many changes to the app) to use working with students who are retirees just getting into the whole digital photo Photoshop Elements stuff… hobbyists and not too computer savvy.

    I am so jazzed about the new Illustrator 1-on-1 book coming out, I feel a bit guilty bugging overworked Deke about an update to his older Elements book and am asking for your recommendation instead. Of course, an update to his older book or training videos on the way would be just great (if such critters exist).

    Thanks much,


    Thomas Benner


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