Selecting and Masking Eyes (and Lips)  in Photoshop

626 Selecting and masking eyes in Photoshop

In this week’s free episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke reveals his clever approach to selecting the human eye. By employing an intersection of two elliptical marquees, he can deftly grab an eye or two and make them pop out of the image.

He begins with our Dreamstime model, she of the tattooed face from last week’s episode:

Our unsuspecting model from

Then, in a slightly counter-intuitive next step, he zaps her entire face into intense saturation, courtesy of an application of the Camera Raw filter:

Saturation and Vibrance cranked up in Camera Raw

Then, he restores a bit of realistic skin tone with a sepia-ish fill layer:

Sanity restored to skin tone via a fill layer

And finally, he reveals those eyes (and eventually the lips) by selecting and masking to reveal the previously applied intensity:

Intensely colored eyes and lips revealed via Photoshop masking

If you’re a member of you can check out this week’s exclusive movie in which Deke shows how he selected the lips.

Deke’s Techniques, revealing the intensity underneath the everyday.

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