“That’s All Folks!” in Photoshop

In this very portentous—but not quite as poignant as next week will be—episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke creates the classic “That’s all folks” sign-off from early Looney Tunes cartoons in Photoshop.

We begin with two unassuming concentric circle shapes.

Two concentric circles, black and gray, on a black background in Photoshop

For the inner circle, Deke creates a blue-to-black custom gradient.

Custom blue-to-black gradient applied to inner circle

For the outer circle, he creates a red-to-orange custom gradient.

Custom orange-to-red gradient in outer ring in Photoshop

And then adds a yellow drop shadow to both shapes to give them a noticeable edge.

Pale yellow drop shadow applied to circles gives them an edge

Next, he creates multiple duplicates of the orange circle using the handy Free Transform command, making a series of larger and larger rings.

Six more orange-to-red rings applied in Photoshop

Then he adds his hand-drawn-turned-into-outlines text.


And gives it a drop shadow.

A drop shadow applied to the text

Using a custom radial gradient, he finishes up with a vignette affect to get the results you saw up top.

Deke’s Techniques, that’s (just about) all (for now) folks!


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