The Return of the Son of DekePod (on YouTube)

Ladies and gentlemen of the dekeUniverse, I bring you news of the return of dekepod, aka Son of dekepod, aka Deke returns to his YouTube channel with his actual son (of Deke) in tow.

Son Max directing Deke in his latest video.

Deke will return next week (and twice a month thereafter) with a new video that features McClellands both in front of and behind the camera. Yes, one of those cute little blonde kids you remember from the photos in the One-on-One books is now directing Dad in some classically dekeEsque videos covering a wide range of graphical subjects whatever Deke wants.

They’ve created a teaser-trailer to announce the reanimation of this monster. So, if you would, encourage the lads by heading over to Deke’s YouTube site, check it out, and if you’re inclined, give them a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and click the bell icon to be notified (reminded) when there’s a new episode.

And when you watch the video, check out the background which features Deke’s oeuvre of computer graphic books. Yes, the entire upper left quadrant of our newly renovated bookshelves is covered in books that Deke wrote. Do you have any fond memories of any of these works of genius?

The dekeOuvre of computer graphics books behind the actual dekeHead

I think my favorite is Photoshop Channels and Masks One-on-One which you can see right behind Deke’s head. It was a labor of love, which might have had a direct influence on our own personal love story (i.e. we survived it as author/editor and still liked each other once it was published). Plus, it’s got some of the most amazing Photoshop compositing projects known to humankind.

Yes, dekePod returns, now with twice the McClelland!

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