This Might Be the Funniest 2D Movie Ever

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this one.

But after I posted that vagina thing, my marketing maven assured me that I should distract everyone’s attention with anything, and I do mean anything, regardless of the topic.

So while Mr. Hartman’s audition tape has nothing to do with Photoshop or Illustrator or anything computer graphics-related, it may well be the funniest movie ever made.

It’s an incredible audition tape. But also, now is the time for retro. After all, both Star Wars 1: The Phantom Suckage and Titanic have been reissued in Real 3D, Extra Boring Vision. (Sadly, I saw them both. Titanic just last night. Bill Paxton grows a heart, Kate Winslet learns the meaning of blocking, and we all grow 3 hours older watching reaction shots. As the 3D recedes into the screen like your hand moves two inches back. Where’s the stuff coming out into my face, I ask you? Even the slinky super-deep fish decline into the who-gives-a-shit background. If I ever meet James Cameron, I’ll tell him what a splendid over-priced and now-twice-that-price movie he made. But in the meantime, we get it: The boat sinks. Leonardo, you fight so hard to boringly die. Billy Zane, you are such a dick.)

Meanwhile, the embedded 2D YouTube thing is way the stink cheaper, funnier, and shorter!

Phil is dead and that sucks. But, you know, all any of us can ask is to be good when we were alive. Viva El Hartman!

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  • I miss Phil

    His voices on the Simpsons made me cry laughing. He was great on Pee Wee’s playhouse too.

  • The Funny Man with the Stun Gun

    Chick Hazard! haha..I love his friends Jim Beam and Jack Daniels

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