Tripping on Arbitrary Maps

Colleen and David Futato and I are in the final death throes of Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One. I’m sitting here working on the introduction to the final lesson, Lesson 12, “Masking the Tough Stuff.” By way of demonstrating arbitrary maps, which can be quite useful for “throw down” masking, I assembled this nifty composition. It’s a photo from David Politi subject to two varieties of arb maps, one applied using Gradient Map and the other with Curves. Isn’t she pretty?

It has nothing whatsoever to do with masking — just introduces a topic — but I’m rather transfixed with it at the moment. Takes me back to my teónanácatl-tinted halcyon days. So naturally I had to share.

Anyway, we’re shooting to get the book to the printer any day now. We’ll keep you apprised.

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  • David Futato? I thought it

    David Futato? I thought it was Tim Grey? In any event, can’t wait for the book Deke!

  • idea / request

    I’m reading and working thru CS4 1-on-1. GREAT book, I really love it.

    So far, the only thing I find missing are some blank pages at the back for notes. I tend to scribble ideas as in Page xx, ‘factoid here” so I can find things that apply to my workflow really quickly.

    So far, I’ve filled the inside back page and the paper cover for the DVD. I’m only thru chapter 4!! I would really have liked a few blank, lined pages headed “Notes” or something equally clever.

    Steve Kalman

  • Yes, That’s a Great Idea!

    Not sure how practical it is for you do this, but for teachers who use your books, this would be great as well. So I’ll second this request (even if it may not be doable… hmmm…. teacher editions of your books?)

    I jot in notes from your classes to fill in details as needed for my classes. I also like to note down related podcasts (Terry White, Russell, Bert, Mordy) that cover the same material. The notes tend to clutter up the pages and as techauthor notes, occasionally I run out of room… and yes, everytime I get a new edition of your book, I have to transcribe the notes.

    .....listening to Dr. Who Audio Dramas podcast (hundreds of hours of excellent, free Dr. Who episodes).

    .....Knock. Knock. Who’s there!

    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • Notes pages, eh?

    It’s funny you mention that, b/c Notes pages have always been code for Sloppy Layout in the book publishing biz. (You’ll notice that most books that include them aren’t of the highest quality. Seriously, in an editorial meeting, someone will say, “Yikes, we’ve got 14 blanks in a 16-page signature!” And some middle manager will respond, “Make 8 of ‘em Notes page and the other 6 blank. Next!”)

    We’ve rather prided ourselves on our efficient use of pages. I believe the only blank excepting the inside covers is page 1 (across from page xviii of the Preface).

    I could send you a notepad and a glue gun. grin

    Seriously, if this is something people want, I could put my designer on it for CS-X. You think 1/2 page for each lesson would do, or would you prefer to keep it free-form?

    (We’ve discussed teacher editions. Pretty expensive, but I’d still like to see it happen.)

  • Obiwan McClelland caused electrons to sail in cyberspace

    Obiwan McClelland caused electrons to sail in cyberspace and forever altered the fabric of the universe by writing: “I could send you a notepad and a glue gun. grin

    As always, I am deeply touched by your obvious concern for our welfare grin

    1/2 or 1/4 page, whatever… anything would be an improvement for people like me who jot down notes in your books. Just not sure how many other people would use this. I can make do with the current system, if there is not enuf interest…. I just like to gripe grin

    Cool! You are actually considering a Teacher’s edition. Well, I give quizzes every week as well as midterms and finals. And then there are various projects due. Anything you might add to curriculum design would be very welcome. That’s my two bits.

    Who Lives! (Dr. Who addict here)

    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

    p.s. Just got this email regarding your new Channels and Masks book ( I will be thrilled no matter when I get it):

    Dear Thomas Benner ,

    Due to an unexpected delay, we are unable to ship the merchandise listed below in the time frame indicated in our previous email.  We anticipate that your merchandise will be shipped within the next 1-5 business days. (Please note: business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by the Post Office.)

    As always, you will not be charged until this merchandise ships from our warehouse.

    We assume that you still want to purchase this merchandise.  However, if you would like to cancel this portion of your order, you may do so online at:

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

    —Barnes & Noble

    Please note: Changes to your order may take up to 60 minutes to appear on your Order Status page, particularly during peak shopping periods. To view Order Status, click


    Ship To:  blah blah blah grin

    This part of your order is expected to ship within 1-5 business days:



    1 Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One

  • Aaaaah, yes…

    ...seeing that image brings back so many memories…

    if I could only remember them.


  • Notes on a page

    In place of a full notes page what about just a blank sidebar like the NAPP does with their workbooks? People could make notes if they feel like it (like “What a great idea!!!” or “What is he talking about???”) or just keep reading.

  • BN

    I just went there today. It says that this item is not going to be available before or on December 24th. BUUUUUUUUUUUUU.  This is back stabbing. I marked the calendar for this day and it’s not there. BUUUUUU. Also the LDC announcement release dekepedia of 160 hours available in ONE on One is not happening.  This was supposed to be up 25. November.08 and it’s not buuuuuu

    Deke, can you give us some real date if you have them?

  • Word has it

    The LDC video goes up tomorrow. I will do a post when it goes live. As I understand it, my 170 movie submission overwhelmed the editing cycle.

    As for the Chans and Masks book, it’s going to be more like New Year. I’m still writing it, so . . .

    (Gosh, tho, I wish it was out. That’s make some of the trickier descriptions go faster!)

  • Thx for the update

    Hey thx for the update. I’m actually getting hands on the mask in lynda cs3 training now but I realized that I have to do LAB first. Maybe it’s the wrong step and I should do first channels and mask CS3 to better understand Lab science, since the Lab is playing with channels anyway.  The new book CM CS4 is going to refresh the course once is out. In the same time you have time to finish the book and still don’t kill yourself over the X-mas. So take time off and give it to your boys. They are priority. For them this is the TIME. You know.  Anyway, the Lab is great course. It makes me think in completely different dimensions.

  • Ahem. From a real publishing person…

    Actually, someone usually says “Hey, fourteen pages, that’s prime advertising real estate!” Then someone with some editorial taste talks the marketing team back to 2-3 relevant helpful ads.

    The printer makes 16 pages from one sheet of paper, known as a signature for arcane reasons involving gentleman printers with signet rings I think. Anyway, if the content comes out at something other than an exact multiple of 16 you have your blanks (or ads as the case may be.)

    I do love me some white space though. And hey don’t make fun of the NAPP “notes” columns; one enterprising young Photoshop World speaker once wrote very funny headings to those columns.

  • Put your designer on it?

    Ahem. Methinks you mean me. Don’t forget, I’m reading this now. grin

    Though if we free up the pages, it’s certainly easy enough to do.

  • Welcome on board

    I’m glad you join this forum. More heads more brains

  • notes & teachers

    As a teacher & a forever student, I’m fine with a note pad & would find other uses for the glue gun.

    But it’s great that Deke & Colleen keep their readers in mind & will look into putting some blank pages for notes and/or creating a teachers edition. I recall the king of napp answering the question about doing spiral bounds, perhaps another idea for the teachers edition. Needs to double as a martini coaster too. 


  • 10% off Adobe Store coupon: 10% off no minimum

    Been a tad slow around here while Obiwan scrambles to finish up “Channels & Masks”. So, while we wait for Deke, here’s how to save some dinero if you need to buy from Adobe….

    10% off Adobe Store coupon: 10% off no minimum

    The Adobe Store takes 10% off any purchase via coupon code “NEWEPP2”. That’s among the best coupons I’ve ever seen from Adobe’s own store, although other stores may sell its wares for less even after the coupon. Many titles are available as software downloads, which avoids shipping fees. Sales tax is added where applicable. Limit one use per customer. No end date is given.

    hope this saves someone some $$,


    Thomas Benner

    The Art Institute of Austin

  • notes pages, redux

    In reply to a very old (3 months +) message about adding some notes pages to your books, you offered to send a glue gun and some notepaper.

    It took all this time for the penny to drop.

    This morning I was helping my wife in the library (she’s a volunteer there). I was gluing the holders for the circulation cards into the backs of new books.

    I took two home. They’re now in the back of Channels&Masks. One has blank 3x5 cards, The other has some comments that I’ve made about a few pages.

    This has the advantage of portability. When you do the CS-next book, I can move the cards, perhaps just updating some page numbers or discarding a few if I’ve already made the content part of my workflow.

    Best regards,

    Steve Kalman

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