Creating a Photographic Painting in Photoshop

“Consumed with professional envy and armed with nothing more than a GoPro I steal her idea to create this two image compositions. Becky learns of my treachery, well, because I show it to her. But rather than defend my Photoshop fakery, I pledge to her that I will convert my photographic hoax into what I’m calling a largely hand-painted work of pixel-based imagery. She agrees to my terms as long as I swear to name my first child Becky Kagan Schott. Sorry, Max.”


In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques, Deke finally finishes that photographic painting that was lifted inspired by noted award-winning photographer Becky Kagan Schott. As you can see from the thumbnails below, Becky spends her time taking awesome underwater photos and not worrying about Deke.

Thumbnail selection from Becky's website Liquid Productions

As you recall, Deke has been using two frames from a GoPro movie shot in Antarctica when we casually ran into an apex predator.

This week, you’ll see how he does the final bits of “painting,” largely in Camera Raw using Smart Objects. And then including adding his signature/watermark to the final work.

Deke’s Techniques, putting the “art” in Antarctica. (With help and inspiration from the likes of Becky Schott.)

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