Cool Thing of the Week: Vandam Dezigner—The Eight-Year-Old King of Adobe

A few months back, we got a very nice letter from our new friend, eight-year-old Vandam Dezigner, who more or less gave us notice that there’s a new King of Adobe in town and shared some of his excellent training videos to prove that he was right.

When Deke and I were discussing recurring items we want to have on the new site, one of them was to have a weekly moment to share things we think are interesting, inspiring, or just plain cool. I think you’ll agree that Mr. Vandam meets all these requirements (even though he may one day take over the Photoshop/Illustrator video training market), so we saved sharing his story, thus making him our first Deke Feature of the Week.

Check out this video to see just how well he explains how to make the kickboxing trophy above:

When you’re feeling like the world could use some hope, it’s nice to know that future kings like Vandam will provide it. Here’s the conversation we had about his learning, his projects, and his video:

Hello Mr. Deke,

I am Vandam Dezigner and I am eight years old. I have started taking courses with LYNDA since 2 years. I am obsessed with computer. I am your certified student at LYNDA. I enjoy your courses a lot. I also follow your website for the latest updates. I am working on this project now:
Deke’s Techniques 633: Designing an Intriguing Cube Logo in Illustrator.

I would like to introduce you to my YouTube channel: Vandam Dezigner. Please watch and share this link:

Looking forward to hear back from you. Please comment and advise.

Best regards,

Mr. Vandam, you are VanTastic.

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but we’ve been designing and launching our new website. We wanted to save your video to help add some awesomeness to our new site, instead of putting it on our old dusty one.

If you look at our new site, you’ll see each post has a featured image. I’m wondering what image you’d like us to use to talk about your work? I am wondering if you have a graphic you’d like to share (it could be the gold kick-boxing trophy) at the top of our page. Or we can just take a cool screenshot from one of your videos.

Anyway, I know things change fast when you’re 8 years old. (Maybe you’re already 9!) But I see you did a cool speed drawing in Illustrator last week, so it looks like you’re still working hard at putting your excellent talent to work! Well done!

All My Best,

Dear Mr. Deke,

First, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. I also made you a special greeting using InDesign. It is attached below. Hope you like it.

I just redesigned almost the same golden trophy to be the featured image of my video on your new website. This is such a privilege for me. Thank you very much.

Also, I would like you to enjoy some of my new logos. They are already posted on some social media. (attachment)

Finally, my 7 years old sister Lee is also interested in your courses. She would like you to watch her new “visual communication” movie.

Thank you for the encouragement. A new movie is coming soon.

Good luck with your new website.

Looking forward to learn more from you.

Best regards,
VanTastic ☺

Is there a better way to feel more instantly hopeful for the future than to become friends with a nice, gracious, talented, hardworking young person? Thanks, Vandam!


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  • This is the best thing I’ve seen probably ever. It’s wonderful and informative! The plot and acting is better than Transformers!

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