Four Full-Resolution Channels & Masks Videos Available for Download

Welcome, welcome, every dekeOnline member.

Today, I offer you something of such real training value that I honestly question the wisdom of what I’m doing. I must be insane. Or I love you. Haven’t quite figured it out.

You need to be a member of dekeOnline to proceed. Yes, it would seem both my insanity and my love are conditional.

For a limited time only, I will make available to any registered member of this site the first four movies (one introductory live-action piece and three screen captures) from my newest book Photoshop CS4 Channels & Masks One-on-One. The movies are produced by, so you know they’re going to be good. But they’re actually even better than that. Measuring 1280 x 800 pixels, these babies are pixel-for-pixel accurate, with no downsampling and only moderate compression. Which means they are crystal-clear legible.

Note that these movies are included only with the book — they are not included on the vast and comprehensive Online Training Library — so you’re really getting a treat here. They make most sense in the context of the book, but they stand on their own as well.

Also note that these videos are not meant for streaming or playing online. They are meant for you to download, keep, backup if necessary, and watch again and again with childlike affection. If you share them or post them to another site, you’re a dick. (My apologies to those of you who would never do such a thing and are now having to read the word dick for a second time, but my lawyer advised me that it had to be said.)

To download the videos, right-click the upcoming images or hyperlinks and choose Save or Download Linked File. And be forewarned, the videos are HUGE, between 20MB and 60MB. So make sure you have a fast connection. (Hopefully, my bandwidth will prove sufficient to handle this unwise experiment.)

Part 1 Introduction: Channels, Masks, and Selections

Video Lesson 1: The Channels Palette

Video Lesson 2: The Anatomy of a Mask

Video Lesson 3: Selections, Floaters, and Layers

This is just Part 1 of 4. So you can safely regard this as the easy stuff. Future videos will get into the advanced and extra-advanced stuff.

Learn in good health.

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  • LOL!

    Dude, if you were to uncensor all your videos your cult status would grow exponentially. I can picture the tagline Deke The Swearing Wise Man! Photoshop this you A$$! Isn’t this F***ing SWEET?

    Appreciate the videos!

    Mmm Cookies!

  • RGB Revealed

    I notice when you explain RGB color by combining 3 separate R, G and B layers you use the ‘screen’ blend mode.

    ‘Screen’ works for your demonstration, so I guess I can’t argue with success, but ‘screen’ is not a simple ‘add,’ and isn’t a simple ‘add’ what you really want?

    To accomplish a simple add you can use the ‘Linear Dodge’ blend mode.

    If you try ‘Linear Dodge’ you’ll find the demo works equally well.

    I’m surprised ‘screen’ works as well as it does in this example. I’ll have to think a bit about why it works so well. I believe ‘Linear Dodge’ is a better model for double exposure (or projecting two slides onto the same screen) than ‘screen’ is. No?

  • I just want to say

    !! THANK YOU !!

    Thanks a lot for the videos.

    Take care.

  • I’ll have to think about this one

    Linear Dodge and Add work every bit as well as Screen for simulating RGB, and the math is far simpler. And I believe you’re right—that’s how channels are actually calculated.

    Meanwhile, Linear Burn (which is not Subtract but rather Add minus white) works just as well as Multiply for simulating a CMYK blend.

    The reason that the math works out across so many modes is you’re mixing one channel with all black or all white, which delivers the same information.

    Meanwhile, Overlay does the job in Lab.

    Conceptually, I like the Screen, Multiply, and Overlay trio, b/c it helps you wrap your head around the big three blend modes. But just b/c it works doesn’t mean it might not be misleading.

    I wouldn’t compare Add to the two slides at a screen analogy b/c unlike a digital image, real life doesn’t clip when you point two projectors at a wall. Your eyes merely adjust, which is analogous to the adjustment that occurs with the Screen mode.

    But you got me thinking . . . which is dangerous . . .

  • Oh, man, you scared me

    When I originally read this, I thought “Holy moly, I posted one of the unedited movies!”

    But you’re saying I ought to curse. So I’m hear to tell you, already happens, very colorfully and much like you’re suggesting. The editors find it quite hilarious.

    But if one of those went out the door, Lynda and Bruce would kill us all. Fortunately, these movies are squeaky clean.

    (They are, aren’t they?)

  • Thanks Deke

    Your style and information are much more palatable than the Kelby crew.

  • It’s here! It’s here!

    My book arrived today. Yay!!!

    ....ooooh, it’s very sexy. Just a quick flick through is making my toes curl.


  • Yes But…

    I’m thinking an “Unrated” version much like DVD’s of movies. You have your clean version and the no holds barred version. I’m better the NHB would so really well here. Ohh, how about a bloopers DekePod?????

    Mmm Cookies!

  • Actually,

    A DekePod Bloopers would be pretty entertaining.  Great idea.  DP

  • Clean vs. NHB

    Then I’m grateful for Lynda and Bruce. Though your frenetic dekePod videos are entertaining, I’ve only watched a few because of the language and innuendo. These clean videos highlight your knowledge and teaching ability. I’m looking for teaching, not entertainment.

    After watching dekePod, I didn’t think I’d ever want one of your books, but now, I’m eagerly awaiting your latest title at the local Borders.

    I know dekePod has a huge following. But I want you to know you have fans (OK, at least one) for the kind of material produced here. Thanks, by the way, for the freebie videos.

  • How very kindly stated

    Everyone has different opinions, and I’m interested in hearing about all of them, especially when shared so considerately. So thanks!

    But if I may be so bold, it sounds like you might not know I existed if it weren’t for dekePod. Which is ultimately the point of this somewhat absurd profit-free exercise.

    Plus, it’s fun. grin

  • Hey, DaveP

    We’re using one of your questions in the first Martini Hour. Kinda neglected to seek your opinion on that, so I hope it’s okay by you.

  • Sorry

    My keyboard is having issues and I just noticed the typos.

  • Screen often looks more natural than add

    I guess digital images don’t have to clip - you can let the numbers go above (float) 1.0 internally - but within a Photoshop context I know what you mean.

    Screens often do look nicer than adds, it’s true.

    There are two easy ways to calculate a screen blend mode. One way is to invert two layers, multiply them, then invert the result. I find that recipe interesting to some extent, but it doesn’t give the that ‘ah-ha’ feeling of understanding.

    The other recipe, which I prefer, is what I call the ‘lens flare recipe.’ Take any layer (although I feel the demo works best if you start with a lens flare on black), invert it, multiply it by a background image (which makes a nice, soft dark hole in the background). Then linear dodge (add) the positive lens flare into the ready, waiting hole. It fits perfectly, and the brighter parts of the lens flare hold back (are more opaque with respect to) the background.

    I’m not sure why, but this concept of the brighter parts of, say, a reflection on glass, being more opaque, seems very natural looking. I was noticing it on the catch light over the pupil on a giant eye image you were working on in a CS3 masking demo on lynda. A lot of 3D CG packages simply add their specular highlights, and I wonder if maybe that’s perceptually wrong. I’d have to look more, though.

  • personal pleasure

    Oh the dekePods are definitely there for our personal pleasure, not for learning wink

    BTW, they told me there would be no math in this class…

  • It’s scary, isn’t it?

    Though it would be nice to understand the math.

    If only I had a brain! hmmm

  • Definitely have a brain

    With your cunning use of language and deft turn of phrase.  It just might not be organized for math grin

  • You’re so sweet, jeremyv10

    I guess you’re right; my brain just isn’t organised for math. I’m great at cryptic crosswords, but crap at sudoku…or soduko…or whatever it’s called. Failed math, but passed english with flying colours back in my school days. I’ll take Atwood over Archimedes any day! :-D

    But I do appreciate the mathematicians very much. Without them, we would not have Photoshop. grin

  • Screen = transitions, Add = pops

    By refusing to clip highlights, ever, Screen automatically tempers its effects. In comparison, the unfettered Add (Linear Dodge) is a brightening frenzy.

    3D apps Add (+) specular highlights b/c hot strobes do this: They flash, they hit, and they reflect. It’s a solid pop back to an iris that in turn hasn’t had the time to react and contract. Hence, a blinding flash effect.

    Screen is all about soft, even transitions. Linear Dodge (Add) produces hot highlights.

  • The first videos of you I saw

    You were dressed as proper gentleman (Leonardo Da Vinci) the first time I watched one of your lessons. Now you’re jumping around making viral videos and letting go in your “uncensored” podcast. What happened to you Deke?

  • Fun all the way

    Deke, you’re a master craftsman!

    I like to be entertained when I learn (keeps me from falling asleep or counting the molecules in the roof tiles).

    Thanks for the free vids, supplied as appetizers I’m sure, to get us hooked don’t u know (my god I’m beginning to sound like him now!) and want to get the book too.

    Grabbing em now while they’re still fresh.

    Been a PhoShop user since v2.0.  I am now trying to persuade myself that I need to buy CS4 with all those cool features. These vids might just push me over the edge…

    DekePod Bloopers should be fun smile

  • ... yup, you can tell I’m a

    ... yup, you can tell I’m a newbie here.
    My reply above was supposed to go in at the bottom of the reply tree, under the “DekePod bloopers” comment.

    Well, we live ‘n’ learn.

  • Your post kind of suggests

    Your post kind of suggests that the language and innuendo in dekePod make it pure entertainment and impossible for him to teach with that kind of environment; but that’s clearly not true for everyone. I find dekePod both educational and entertaining—I’d much rather have Deke’s brand of wackiness than yet another “and now we’re going to retouch this picture of a baby.” grin

    (Channels and Masks 1-on-1 just arrived today—gotta make the time to read it soon!)

    Adam Jury | Dirty Words Design videocast

    a video podcast about Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design

  • It’s like Immortal Technique

    I think he’s great. He sure does have something worthwhile to say, but only those who aren’t offended by the language will hear it. Those who are offended will only hear the swearing. That’s just the way it goes.

    I can’t even hear Deke cuss in his vids. In fact, I don’t think he does. He’s just cheeky, that’s all. But some people don’t like cheeky, they think it’s rude. And that’s cool, too. So long as they don’t petition to legislate, it’s all good. grin

  • You are soo awesome!!

    I ADORE your teaching style and find myself able to learn and actually ‘get it all’. That’s very cool. You are inspirational, unbelievablably gifted and incredibly kind—- it’s so appreciated!!! Thank you Deke, really :D

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

    George Bernard Shaw

  • Deke withdrawal

    I’ve been having issues with my connection to all day, and after a month of having you dispense your wisdom all day long, I sort of started climbing the walls by midmorning. Thought I’d take a look at your site. Gadzooks, you’re a regular industry, aren’t you?

    But this is the perfect moment for me to thank you, after all this time, for your method, your tone and all your expertise. Being seriously underemployed at the moment, and with a one-month trial on lynda, I’ve “attended” all of your classes in Photoshop CS3. I was working my way through Illustrator when the lynda site punked out on me this morning. Hope it’s fixed by tomorrow, ‘cause after that the trial expires, and I’ll have to rely on dekePod for my fixes.

    Thank you, too, for the channels and masks videos that you put up for free download, I swear that’s not why I signed up. It really was to let you know how great I think you are.

    All the best from Paris,


  • So Excited to be a New Fan & Student

    I’ve just completed the first chapter of your One-on-One Photoshop Essentials and and just had to jump over here, register, and RAVE. I see I’m not alone in my excitement. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in such a clear, interesting, exciting and generous manner. I wish you could have heard how many times this adult said “Oh My God!” It’s such a fascinating program and now I can learn, play and work, too. 

    Words can’t express how energized I am to have found this path into a subject I’ve long wanted to explore. For the first time in my life, I’m enjoying Shopping! OK, that’s it. I’m headed back to Chapter Two.

    All the best to you and your beautiful family,

    Teri Ryan

    PShopping in LA

  • Really a genuine pleasure

    To read such delightful comments.

    Don’t know what to say other than Aw Shucks.

    Just emerging from the training vortex with another 30+ hours in the editing pipeline. Very rewarding to know it’s appreciated.

  • Just plain awsome


        Your love of what you do, expertise in the field, seeming ease of presentation (teaching skills (bet you love those editors.. hehe)), make you a worth while commodity.  Your sincerity in your attempts to help the inquisitive and beguiled, only help your your image!  The real you or not… keep it up!

  • Cheers Deke :-)  You’ve

    Cheers Deke grin  You’ve taught me many things over the years.  I’ve been with you since v7 and love your teaching style.

  • missing ballonn theif

    how can i down load missing photo

  • Go here

    Missing Balloon Thief files.

  • cuss oi loike it

    It’s only rock n roll but…

    thing is : telling it like it tends to be ( i.e. a cussin an a hootin) makes it SO MUCH easier to keep awake and the concentration up for learning porpoises.

    Just the way it is. ALSO makes you feel a mate is telling you how to do it not a stuffed shirt.

    Most DVDs put me to sleep (no not Deke but I’d still like more silliness etc.) and they’re not even boring, it’s just that it’s like beng told a bedtime stroy….zzzzzzzz