This Week in Review

Hello, gentle people. A few developments in the works.

First, I recorded about 105 movies last week for These will be part of my Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced series, which is Part 2 of that epic tome. Here’s a sharpening example captured by fellow presenter (and good bud) Chris Orwig, which I call Breakfast explains itself.jpg. Just so’s you know the wonders of imaging goodness that await you.

Second, if you’re in a mood for my mutterings, you can subscribe to my twitter tweeterings. I regard my late entry into this particular — uh, what is it again? — as a little sad, frankly. But every human on the planet was podcasting before me, so what the hell?

Third (must I keep counting?), I am now in San Francisco. Colleen and I just completed a few more Martini Hours. This audio-only show promises to be a delightful combination of spirits and technology, or nothing more than an chance to hear Colleen and I spill things. Only time will tell.

Fourth (alas I must), tomorrow we film four more dekePods, starting with “The Droplet Song.” Imagine the polar opposite of my “101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes” video and you have an idea. The angels will sing and the devil will reckon. Beyond that, I will say no more.

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  • Polar opposite, eh?

    I’m thinking syrupy sweet, a la “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. Grow apples trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves”.... all together now… with feeeling!

    And my god, you’ve got some energy! I don’t how you keep up with yourself - but I’m delighted that you do, ‘cos we all win when you work. :-D

    Also, Chris Orwig has some *very* nice portraits. Wow.

  • A new book Photoshop CS4 One on One Advanced series

    How long do we have to wait for this new book?

    My Channels and Masks book arrived today so much excitement and I know I am going to love every exercise.  Great value!!


    Deke, at one time you took a survey to see if people wanted you to make a video on Smart Objects.  Is it in the works?


  • It’s Actually A Video Series

    Deke films instructional videos for that will be out in about a month or more. His book actually covers pretty much the same stuff but because video is more informative he has to split them up into segments.

  • Great to hear

    Oh yeah we are back and better than ever. Anyway I will look for these. Thanks for the great work - as always.

  • When will Part II be available?


    When will Part II of the One On One be available on


  • Deke, my deepest gratitude

    Today I visited with a pro photographer, whom I met quite by chance. He has been a photographer for a daily newspaper for a few years and to edit images in Photoshop, at all, was considered a real “no no”. But now he is branching out into his own business, doing primarily weddings and corporate/commercial photography. His photoshop skills, however, are very limited (though his photography is great and he’s won quite a few awards).

    Because of this, he will outsource his post-production work to me, allowing himself to just get into the business of what he does without getting too bogged down in front of the computer. All that you have taught me has landed me some freelance work.

    Also, I’m going to teach him about non-destructive workflow, smart objects, layers and masks, etc; and in return he will take me out on shoots and teach me what he knows about getting it right in camera and how ‘on location’ shoots are organised and completed. The post processing work he will pay me for in actual money.

    I couldn’t be more grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  • Smart Objects is green-lighted

    Which is to say, a Photoshop Smart Objects will occur in 2009. I have a few hundred movies in front of that, so your patience is, as always, my best friend.

    But here’s a question to you. Should the title of the series be:

    “Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects”

    or just plain

    “Photoshop Smart Objects” with no version number?

  • I’m hoping next month

    I have to finish recording it. (About 65% done.) I’ll finish this month.

    And then the good folks at have to edit, compress, and post.

    Ultimately, I do not control that process. I go into a queue like everyone else.

    But unlike the others, I employ bribes. Plus I hire musclemen who offer “protection” in reward for faster turnaround. On rare occasions, an editor who doesn’t cooperate “disappears” and I am obliged to offer condolences to his or her family.

    We call it Deka Nostra. You may call it “Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced.”

  • You’re welcome

    But only once.

    Once, once, once.  grin

  • at the risk of completely exposing my ignorance

    I don’t believe Smart Objects have changed all that much since their introduction (with the exception of Smart Filters, and since then, not much between CS3 and CS4).  You could probably title it “Photoshop Smart Objects” and address in the individual lessons any minor changes between versions.

    Ultimately, I guess it’s a marketing decision.  If you tell everyone up front Photoshop CS4 you make a bold statement that you are working with the latest greatest version.  However, given Adobe’s rather miserable sales performance so far, some people might see that as a turn off, believing that it does not apply to their version.  I guess it’s all in the presentation

  • Depends

    With a generic Photoshop title you run the risk of Lynda not want updates in the future. Then again, like Jeremy said, CS4 is not the most popular release for Adobe. I would go with the CS4 title myself since it’s what you are using.

    Mmm Cookies!

  • A genuine thank you


    A life long photographer (so i’ve blown out over 50 candles!!)

    Switched to iMac in the summer

    Switched to Photoshop CS4 a week ago.

    Bought your One To One book - genius! ( Partly me for buying it , mostly you for producing it!!)

    Many thanks - enthusiastically working my way through

    CJ (London)

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