Introducing Trajan Color Concept

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques video, Deke explores the quasi-new color font known as Trajan Color Concept. Rest assured, it still looks like good old Trajan, it’s in color, and it’s more than just a concept. It’s really something you can now use with reasonable reliability in Photoshop CC 2018.

Of course, attaching the word “concept” to the name absolves Adobe (and its partners in color fonts) of supplying all the punctuation you might expect, and using Trajan means there is no lower case set either.

But that doesn’t prevent the font from looking very cool. In one click of a font selection, you can go from this:

Text before applying Trajan Color Concept.

To this:

Text set in Trajan Color Concept.

And if you want to understand color fonts even better, I highly recommend this week’s exclusive video, available to members of or LinkedIn Learning, in which Deke takes a preliminary look at how the font and any effects you wish to add (like a drop shadow, for instance) work in Adobe Illustrator.

Type set to Trajan Color Concept in Adobe Illustrator

Next week, a dekeSploration of how to actually change the “stylistic sets,” which will allow you to explore the colors that live within this font concept.

Deke’s Techniques
, convincing you to test out new concepts.

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  • Hi:  I’ve seen two of your videos about how to align rulers in Illustrator. Your technique does not work if in Preferences>General>you don’t UNCHECK “Use Preview Bounds.”  So the question is, what am I losing when I uncheck that box in order to align my rulers to the center?  Or should I just use method two with the GRID? I want to tell you this took me all afternoon to figure out including scouring the web where I finally found the culprit. I am using AI CS6 but I understand the same issue is going on in CC—- I am afraid to sign up for CC as it is very expensive and there are way more tutorials for CS6.  Anyway, it might be good to tell Lynda.Com about this.  I saw your other video vi a link while trying to find answers on the web, so I’m not sure where that video lives. Thank you, David Sapadin Naperville, IL