Making Your Star a Repeating Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this week’s free episode of Deke’s Techniques, Deke takes that set of shapes that he created in Adobe Illustrator last week and turns it into a seamlessly repeating pattern.

Adobe Illustrator, that magic wand that allows you to see a thing in an everyday hotel room, turn it into a shape that turns into a star…

Pattern dialog box in Adobe Illustrator

...and then lets you make the whole gosh darn thing into a pattern that goes on forever.

A repeating pattern based on a 24-sided star in Adobe Illustrator

And if you’re a member of LinkedIn Learning, Deke’s got a follow up video in which he shows you how he created a second pattern to include the snappy highlight that you see in the finished project at the top of this post.

Deke’s Techniques, where the pattern-making magic goes on indefinitely.

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