What’s Wrong with this Drop Shadow?

Let me just start by saying that I received my education in fine-tuned screen capture rendering back when I was a co-author/editor of Deke’s One-on-One books. Deke had rules about capturing/constructing high-res screen shots for the books that I initially laughed at (the tediousness thereof), then cried over (trying to create them), then finally celebrated (because they did, in fact, look better and explained the software more clearly than everyone else’s screenshots).

But the real lesson of today’s free Deke’s Techniques episode is about layer effects and how they can go inadvertently astray, leading the most stalwart and insightful of gurus left in temporary confusion.

So when I presented Deke with this:

An example of a drop shadow gone astray in Photoshop

We needed to figure out how to get to this:

Screenshot with corrected drop shadow

And today’s episode tells the family drama that led to a resolution. Our family is particularly challenged by and fascinated with Photoshop challenges. It keeps us young.

Deke’s Techniques, sorting out family drama one pixel at a time.

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  • Great photoshoping skills, I wish to learn from the best like you. Great video also.
  • When I’m using indesign to make subtitles as transparent PNGs. When I apply a drop shadow to text and export as a transparent PNG the drop shadow shifts from left to right so that shadows on text on the left are shorter than text on the right side. Is there anyway to fix this bug?
  • This is what I like. Photoshop Problem solving even when you are the problem. I feel like this all the time. Yelling at the screen, “Why aren’t you doing what I tell you to do Photoshop??!” ...“Oh you are.” Thanks Colleen and Deke. Back to yelling at Illustrator.
  • Trying to figure out if deke.com supports hearts, Vectorgeek.
  • ♥️
  • Well… This is a modern world problem and you can do nothing. We are just waiting until AI would figure it out.