A Hand Becomes a Thanksgiving Hand Turkey

...like the Mona Lisa…
โ€” Deke referring to his hand turkey, as one does

In this week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode, Deke finishes up his classic hand turkey project just in time for Thanksgiving here in the US. There’s not much more to be said, “We’ve got a hand, and we’ve got a turkey.”

But perhaps there is more to say. Deke made these turkeys using Adobe Photoshop Sketch, but since these episodes were recorded, Adobe has announced Photoshop for the iPad and Adobe Fresco, both of which you’ll see featured in episodes in the months ahead. And either of which might be suitable for hand turkey-ing.

But for now, enjoy more of this year’s rafter (or if you prefer, gang or posse) of turkeys.

There’s the “If I only had a heart that wasn’t destined for giblet gravy” turkey:

A hand turkey drawn as the Tin Woodsman

There’s the “Creature from the Black Lagoon and or Shape of Water” turkey:


And of course, a very resentful turkey:

Unthankful turkey, Thanksgiving ends now

And since Thanksgiving is our anniversary (we don’t recognize the official date but move it every year to the fourth Thursday of November), I’m particularly thankful for this one:

Two hand turkeys in love

...and I’m glad we decided to join our turkey posses together!

And if you’d like to join our turkey rafter, I’ve attached some practice files for you to experiment with below.

Deke’s Techniques, Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary!

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  • I like this, you can make any characters with that hand. This Christmas I want that hand to be a reindeer.
  • Ha! If Deke hadn’t made so many turkeys, I would totally advise him to make a hand reindeer!

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