Illustrator CS5 and Video Blog News

First, I’ve been recording more content for my Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Advanced video series that will one day be available at Here’s the artwork for Chapter 14: “Gradients and the Gradient Tool.” Those eyes are the result of four blended gradients across two layered shapes.

Illustrator CS5 gradient cat

I also dare to teach you how to think like M.C. Escher in Chapter 16: “Tile Patterns.” In 15 movies, we explore how to design a highly complex, interlocking pattern, with nary a gap in between. Can you spot the three points at which this triad pattern intersects itself? Hint: nose, heel, knee; that’s the key.

Illustrator CS5 tile patterns

Not sure what planet this guy’s from. I call him the Next Missing Link. Seriously, wish I had a tail and spikes on my back. Don’t you?

Meanwhile, exciting news: It looks like I’ll be starting a new video blog in October, which I will simulcast here on dekeOnline. It’ll be a project-based series in which you work along with me to create some insanely great pieces of art. First project: The pirate flag. With any luck, you’ll have everything you need to print a gargantuan (5 foot-wide, 3 foot-tall) pirate flag in time for Halloween. Here’s a still image of me from one of the videos along with a full-sized version of the flag tiled onto 18 letter-sized pages.

Deke's Techniques pirate flag

I assembled the pages using Scotch tape, a Sharpie, and a dry-erase marker. Damn, I’m old-school.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

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  • Quick Question

    I’m not shure where to put this, but I just had a quick question. Would you recommend a tablet for work in Photoshop and illustrator? Also, what are the benefits to having one?

  • Can’t Wait

    I really can’t wait to watch the Illustrator CS5 one-on-one Advanced, thou I still work on CS4, but the techniques won’t be any different - I HOPE - :)

    nice job Deke.

    this is a message from Egypt :)

  • My favorite at the moment

    Is the Wacom Inuos 4 (

    It really is an elegant device. Quite loving it at the moment.

    The primary benefits are painting. Anytime you want to paint a brushstroke or path outline, a tablet gives you far more control than a clunky mouse.

  • Video Blog

    Really looking forward to seeing you back on our screens, its been far too long!

    Bit of a Photoshop nut.

  • Looking forward to

    Looking forward to Illustrator Advanced. What I am looking forward even more is to see InDesign One-on-One video series on one day.

  • Photoshop Questions

    Hi Deke,

    If I had a couple of Photoshop questions for you, what is the proper e-mail/forum to ask them?



  • Pen Tool

    Would it be easier to draw paths using the pen tool and such with a tablet as opposed to a mouse?

  • I hope it it wll be my favorite too…

    My old Intuos GD just up and quit on me after what, ten years? So I bought an Intuos 4. It should arrive tonite. I was so used to that old pen that it was like a part of my hand. I can’t use the Pen tool or the Lasso without it.

  • Looking forward to this

    Hey Deke,

    I’ve really enjoyed your videos. I feel like we are good friends after spending so much quality time with your video self.

    When is your planned “goin’ live” date for the AICS5 advanced video?


    Get some

  • Illustrator

    Looking forward to Illustrator Advanced.

  • Yay!!  AI was my first

    Yay!!  AI was my first love,(before I met PS,) so I can’t wait for the new One on One.

  • Tell me why you

    so smart. lol

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    I’m glad to be here. I enjoyed reading your articles and if allowed I want to bookmark your posts….....

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  • New PC

    Hi Deke, Iam in the UK and need a new PC of good speed ,because i have just finished watching your training on PS CS 5 Masters and the ACTIONS part [its great] but when i run the action the PC just gives up,so im told that its not got the wright bits to cope with large files . So could you please make me out a list of top quality PC gear that i need including Monitor and GRAPHICS CARD etc ,remember i am in the UK,So i can get all the gear made up if needed,Or buy one off the shelf.  I have a budget of about £1200
    Thank you


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