Illustrator on the iPad: Gradients and Repeats

Thanks for waiting until Thursday this week, we, uh, had some things to take care of yesterday here in the US.

[Exhales] This week’s free Deke’s Techniques episode continues Deke’s exploration of Illustrator on the iPad, this time with particular attention to the Freeform Gradient feature and the Repeat function both of which allow you to go from a simple path outline to the color explosion you see above.

Here’s the basic starting point for this color explosion, a path that Deke uses the Align function to line up:

A simple path outline on sunburst background with the Align panel open on Illustrator for the iPad

Next, the he uses the Freeform Gradient feature to create some, uh, very colorful Fill.

The Freeform Gradient tool on Ilustrator for the iPad with color stops added to a form

Next, the Symmetry (or as Deke calls it the “Butterfly”) setting in the Repeat panel mirrors the shape.

The shape reflected in Illustrator for the iPad via the Symmetry Repeat feature

The Repeat panel (once exclusive to Illustrator on the iPad) also has a Radial setting that takes your object around a center point.

Colorful shape repeated 8 times around a circle in Illustrator on the iPad

BREAKING NEWS (and not the scary or embarrassing kind), the Repeat feature now works on Illustrator for the Mac or PC!

Now it does with AI logo

You can change the number of objects that make up the Radial repeat.

Shape repeated 21 times around a circle in Ilustrator for the iPad

And then you can use these two handles to adjust (or what I call squish and squirm) the objects.

Squishing and rotating the shape to change the results

Deke also covers some of the landscape that happens when you move your Illustrator for the iPad creation to full-blown Illustrator on the Mac or PC. (Again, some of those features may have changed since this was recorded.)

Deke’s Techniques, bringing the multi-color sun of peace and kindness to this soon-to-be less bleak landscape.

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